Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Twittersation: @kenosando and @j1two

I've met a pretty cool cat via Twitter, J. Brown (@j1two), whom I've had the privilege to go back and forth on sports with recently, and I'd thought I'd chronicle the conversations.

On South Carolina's bowl outlook if they lose to Auburn:

J1two I'd cry foul if I was Spurrier and this really happened. RT @kenosando: SEC Bowl predictions: AUB BCS NCG, ARK Sugar, SCAR Chik-fil-a

kenosando @J1two They can get anything from the Chick-fil-a, Outback, or Cotton - they would finish 5th in SEC if they lose in SEC Champ

J1two @kenosando I hear ya but they still won their division of the conference... Got to account for something?!

kenosando @J1two not in the whole SEC picture - SEC West was 15-3 against the east, although SCAR won against bama, they were 1-2 against the West

J1two @kenosando Yeah but that's punishing S. Carolina for being in the East division. They can only play the teams who are on their schedule

kenosando @J1two S. Carolina was two of those 15 losses though - Aub, Ark, LSU, MSU, and Ala had combined 1 loss to the East

Briefly on the BCS:

J1two This is why I hate the bowl system. I hated since I was 9

kenosando @J1two I hate it too - Oklahoma went to the nat'l champ by not winning their conf. champ. game in '04 - pounded by USC

J1two Spoken like a true Auburn fan but they did get hosed RT @kenosando: I hate it too Oklahoma went to the nat'l champ ...

The 2004 Auburn Team and Jason Campbell:

kenosando @J1two lol - I think the '04 team was better than this team - stout defense, 4 players went in the first two rounds of draft

J1two @kenosando Yeah that would have been a great match up. I think it could of propelled Campbell higher in the draft also

kenosando @J1two Yeah, too bad the NFL hasn't been nice to him so far. Washington screwed him up with their disarray of an NFL franchise

J1two @kenosando The epitome of a career with no stability... 

Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears:

kenosando @J1two let's hope Cutler doesn't fall victim to that - I want to see Chicago get to a SB with a good QB not just a DEF

J1two @kenosando Yeah. But being a Bears fan over the years if we have a decent offense its a plus. We just want stifling D's and a run game.

kenosando @J1two I agree, if the Colts had a Chicago Defense, they'd be better off, but in the age of QBs, you have to have a good 1, Cutler is

J1two @kenosando The ghosts of Rex Grossman lingers in our minds... #uhoh That's why we're optimistic but cautious.

kenosando @J1two For sure - at least he is more knowledgeable about Washington's 2-min offense ... allegedly

J1two @kenosando I know some Bears fans would want to go if they heard this but I think Rex would still be QB'ing if he had a good O coordinator.

J1two @kenosando He was/is polarizing in Chicago because everyone thought he was the QB of the future those first six games of '06 had us dreaming

kenosando @J1two He's prob the only QB who had a rating of 100+, 10, 137, and 36 in consecutive weeks -

Cam Newton's Eligibility and Future in Auburn:

J1two RT @kenosando: RT @WarBlogle: Cam Newton ruled eligible to play by NCAA. 

J1two What's up w/ the NCAA disciplining the school if Cam Newton doesn't talk to the media after the SECOND championship game?

kenosando @J1two and ESPN broke the story as if they tattled on Auburn - now Cam is eligible, maybe Auburn had a plan all along, and he will speak now 

J1two @kenosando Do you think Cam is 1 and done? Or is he coming back?

kenosando @J1two I think he will be lobbied heavily to stay. If he can stay, then the staff will. Now the scandal is dead, he could stay 

J1two @kenosando If they win the BCS title then he's gone. Done everything in 1 yr. 2 many headaches and slander to come back to w/out motivation.

kenosando @J1two I can see that happening for sure - I think to keep Malzahn on staff, he'll need a raise. Or just Cam


I think CNN's "The Situation Room" is booking us soon for panel discussions. JRIB could hear about us, maybe a couple of Clone forum members upcoming.

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