Tuesday, December 14, 2010

@danpatrick show's "Top 10 Things Cam Did Want to Say (but couldn't)"

10. Cecil was going to be here tonight, but this is my Dave moment
9. Yes, I sleep with the Heisman, who knows how long they will let me keep it
8. Hey Dan Patrick, Oregon can't stop me OR contain me
7. Stop calling me "Fib" Newton; I really didn't know anything *wink wink*
6. I just found out the Ducks were going to give me $181,000.
5. There's a lot of things my parents do behind the scenes since I came out of my mother's womb
4. I am wearing Mississippi State tightie-whities right now
3. Anybody want me to sign something? My dad said I can get $20 a pop
2. I was going to be on Leno tonight, but Letterman opened up the checkbook a bit wider than Jay did.
1. I have 180,000 reasons to smile and a lot of time to spend it - what else am I going to do until January 10?

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