Monday, December 13, 2010

BCS Bowl Predictions

BCS Bowls don't start for another 19 days, but what else are we going to do other than watch the St. Petersburg Bowl and 19 days of Brett Favre talk? Might as well throw down a BCS Bowl Prediction and see how I fare.

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin v TCU

Wisconsin has one of the most underrated running games around. Freshman James White filled in nicely at the end of the year for Junior John Clay, who combined for 1965 yards and 27 touchdowns, not to mention a decent defense, although TCU comes in with the highly ranked defense, yet virtually untested against the in comparison to Wisconsin's opponents in Michigan, Ohio State, and Iowa. This game will likely come down to whoever can outsmart the other's defense. Wisconsin will run the ball with their duo of Clay and White, control the clock and the line of scrimmage, and ultimately the TCU scoring by limiting their offensive plays. TCU will be able to keep it close because they are more of a passing team, but Wisconsin should win this one. Wisconsin 31 TCU 27

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma v Connecticut

I've already expressed my displeasure with the Huskies getting a BCS bowl bid by winning a very non-competitive (on the national scale) Big East conference, which is why TCU will be licking their chops come their inaugural Big East season. Oklahoma, although losing two games to slightly inferior football teams (Missouri and Texas A&M), their domination of both Oklahoma State and Nebraska, two very excellent offenses show their defense can show up. Their offense, as shown in their two losses, is hit or miss, although when they hit, they hit hard. Landry Jones is showing Sooner fans that he is their new Sam Bradford, but their loss of NFL talent is costing him. I can say I know nothing about UConn football, and if you lose to Temple, you won't win a BCS bowl game. Oklahoma 42 UConn 14

Sugar Bowl: Ohio State v Arkansas

Four years ago, Arkansas won 10 games in a row after getting blasted by USC the first game of the year. Mitch Mustain was the quarterback, Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, and Peyton Hillis lined the star-studded backfield, and their defense was led by Jamaal Anderson and Chris Houston. They then finished the year losing to LSU, Florida in the SEC Championship, and Missouri in the Cotton Bowl. Their head coach? Houston Nutt. This year's team has won 6 straight after losing to Auburn, including a blasting of South Carolina and roughing up of LSU. As the SEC's second-highest-ranked team in the BCS, they are honored with their first BCS bowl game ever. Ohio State doesn't fare well against SEC teams, especially ones with great defenses. Arkansas isn't a defensive power, but they have stood their ground, and Ryan Mallet, Knile Davis, Jarius Wright, and DJ Williams lead the nation's 3rd ranked passing offense into a home crowd in New Orleans and a monumental win for the Razorbacks. Arkansas 34 Ohio State 20

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech v Stanford

Aside from the two teams playing in the NCG and TCU, Virginia Tech is the hottest team right now, winning 11 straight and another ACC title. Their first two losses can be thrown out at this point, because they are a different team than the one that played Boise and James Madison. However, they are no longer playing a familiar ACC team - Stanford is the next hottest team, along with Wisconsin (who should be playing each other in the Rose Bowl...) and their quarterback Andrew Luck is the best in the country according to some, and will most likely be a top draft choice in April 2011. Stanford is a Virginia Tech killer, simply because their offense is consistent, and have seen much better offenses in the Pac-10 than the Hokies offer, and I predict another not-fun-to-watch game. Stanford 28 Virginia Tech 16

National Championsip: Auburn v Oregon

This will get its own write-up in the coming weeks!

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