Monday, November 29, 2010

SEC Bowl Bids (projected) UPDATED

According to the Wikipedia page on Automatic bowl bids to college bowl games:

If Auburn defeats South Carolina:

#1 Auburn - National Championship
#2 Arkansas - Sugar Bowl (they will select the top remaining SEC team in the BCS standings since Auburn is not available)
#3 LSU - Tied with Arkansas but lost head-to-head, and has to be picked by Capitol One Bowl according to the stipulation above.
#4 Alabama - Will be ranked above S. Carolina because of W-L - Cotton Bowl will jump all over Bama
#5 South Carolina - Outback bowl is a large possibility, since they have the next pick, and chooses typically out of the East
#6 Mississippi State - Chick-fil-A has the next pick, and MSU beat Florida head-to-head, and highest ranked available team
#7 Florida - Gator bowl will jump on them, but only because they don't have much of a choice left
#8 Georgia - Bulldogs beat the Wildcats and Vols head-to-head, and Music City and Liberty Bowls are both in Tennessee, but Liberty may get first pick and go for the Dogs.
#9 Tennesse - head-to-head winner over Kentucky puts the Vols in 9th place in the  SEC, and the Music City Bowl will get a big fan turnout from the Vols.
#10 Kentucky - Compass Bowl

But, if Auburn loses:

#1 South Carolina - Sugar Bowl
#2 Auburn - Depending on the final BCS standings, they could rob the Big 10 or Pac 10 of an at-large bid in the Fiesta Bowl
#3 Arkansas - Arkansas would get hosed big time if Auburn loses, and would slip to the Capitol One Bowl
#4 LSU - Cotton Bowl
#5 Alabama - Chick-fil-a
#6 Mississippi State - Gator Bowl
#7 Florida - Outback Bowl
#8 Georgia - Liberty Bowl
#9 Tennessee -  Music City Bowl
#10 Kentucky - Compass Bowl

A lot of people will be sad if Auburn loses, including Alabama, who would benefit most from playing in Dallas, likely against A&M. Arkansas would loses a lot of money playing in the Capitol One instead of the Sugar - LSU would probably travel better to the Cotton Bowl rather than the Capitol One, but to play in South Florida is huge for recruiting.


I failed to mention Tennessee being bowl eligible, and into a bowl. The Compass bowl would get the 9th pick under normal circumstances two SEC teams do not get into BCS bowls, but since that is the case, the Compass would pick 8th (and select the 10th ranked SEC team, if eligible). I'd have to say Tennessee would be picked over Georgia and Kentucky for the Music City Bowl, putting Kentucky in the Compass Bowl.

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