Monday, November 29, 2010

The Thanksgiving Weekend in Review

All times in central standard time, and approximations.

1:00 PM - Wade Phillips sits down with family for Thanksgiving
3:20 PM - Wade watches the Cowboys on TV for the first time
4:00 PM - Wade turns off the TV and tries to call Jerry for his job back
4:20 PM - Wade leave 15 voice mails, 27 text messages, and sends 3 faxes in the first half to Jerry
5:55 PM - Wade gives up after the Cowboys rally from a 17-0 deficit to pull within 3 after 3 quarters
6:35 PM - Roy Williams gets stripped of the ball in the red zone, Wade turns the TV back off.
6:40 PM - Saints score with less than 2 minutes to play to regain the lead, Wade still hasn't reached Jerry.


1:20 PM - Cam Newton gets showered in Monopoly money from Alabama fans
1:40-2:30 PM - Auburn gets showered by Alabama on both sides of the ball
2:45 PM - Auburn gets to the locker room while they still can
3:00 PM - Auburn begins to return the favors
5:00 PM - Auburn comes back from 24-0 to win 28-27
6:00 PM - The desk of Nick Saban receives a phone call from the desk of Jerry Jones ...
9:30 PM - Auburn players arrive back in Auburn, Nick Saban lands in Dallas ...

2:00 PM - LSU fans drink the last of their bourbon before finding their seats
2:30 PM - LSU fans finally find their seats
2:40 PM - LSU fans finally realize the game started
2:50 PM - Arkansas goes up 7-0, LSU fans search for their pocket flask
3:20 PM - Arkansas scores on the last play of the half, half the LSU fans leave for the liquor store
6:00 PM - LSU fumbles at their own goal line with under a minute left, Arkansas runs the clock out
6:45 PM - LSU fans wake up from their bourbon nap, scoreboard still lit.

7:25 PM - Arkansas jumps into the top 10 in BCS standings at 7, Auburn jumps to number 1, Alabama and LSU proud their loss meant so much
7:26 PM - Arkansas fans start balancing their checkbooks to clear some cash for Sugar Bowl tickets
7:27 PM - LSU fans from yesterday's game are finally released from county for public intoxication.
7:30 PM - Rumors start swirling that Houston Nutt is leaving Ole Miss for Colorado
7:31 PM - Gus Malzahn speculated to replace Nutt Oxford.
8:00 PM - SEC comes back to reality, Nutt will stay at Ole Miss, Colorado is relieved.

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