Thursday, February 15, 2007

American Idol Returns!

All I can say, "it's about time!" I think this will be yet another good and memorable year for Idol. I am not totally sure who my favorite is this year (last year, Taylor had me from "I was born on the river,"), but if I were forced, Chris Sligh would get my nod. Like Taylor, he doesn't quite have that look of being a great singer, but he is. I don't like to make premature predictions, so I will wait at least until next week before I figure out who will be in the top 6 on the guys' side. One thing I feel this season is lacking is a Chris Daughtry/Bo Bice type of singer. Most of the guys are more pop, jazz, or R&B sounding, but I will still stand by my comment on this being a memorable season.

As for the ladies, lots of great looking ones for sure, and again, as it was last year, I think there is more talent on the guys' side. But, you never know. I would like to see a girl comeback and get it. There isn't really ONE girl that stands out as far as singing. Looks, that's another story. Miss Jordin Sparks (my nominee for this season's Lisa Tucker, I mean they look JUST ALIKE!) is absolutely beautiful, not to mention she can belt it out. So, I guess she can be my fave at the moment. I am eager to hear all the girls sing, because I may be surprised at what I hear from some. Thank goodness we do not have another Pickler this season. That might have ruined it for me. Oh, and no Kevin Covais either! WOHOO, this could be a much better season for Idol after all.

Check out to see all the contestants' profiles and photos. Be sure to watch the guys perform on Tuesday and be ready to vote for you favorite. Check back each week prior to vote offs to get my insight on each performance and who I would send home and which girl I want to take home.


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