Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My 2011 NCAA Men's Bracket

The tournament expanding to 68 teams, and 4 "first-round" games is a little confusing, so I will try to break it down some:

There are 8 teams that play in the first-round. Texas-San Antonio v. Alabama State; Alabama-Birmingham v. Clemson; Southern California v. Virginia Commonwealth; North Carolina-Asheville v. Arkansas-Little Rock

Since I am not picking any of those teams to go on and win their second round game, which is the traditional first-round, field of 64, I will give you the third-round, field of 32 participants, then the Sweet 16, and so on.

In the East region, I have:

THIRD ROUND                 SWEET 16      ELITE 8

Ohio State v. Villanova  -> Ohio State
                            v.         -> Ohio State
W Virginia v. Kentucky   -> Kentucky
                                          v.   -> Ohio State
Marquette  v. Syracuse   -> Syracuse
                            v.         -> Washington
Washington v. UNC        -> Washington


THIRD ROUND                 SWEET 16      ELITE 8

Kansas     v. Illinois   -> Kansas
                            v.         -> Kansas
Vanderbilt v. Louisville -> Louisville
                                          v.   -> Kansas
Georgetown v. Purdue     -> Purdue
                            v.         -> Notre Dame
Texas A&M  v. Notre Dame -> Notre Dame

THIRD ROUND                 SWEET 16      ELITE 8       

Duke       v. Tennessee  -> Duke
                            v.         -> Duke
Arizona    v. Texas      -> Texas
                                          v.   -> Duke
Missouri   v. UConn      -> UConn
                            v.         -> SDSU
Penn State v. SDSU       -> SDSU


THIRD ROUND                 SWEET 16      ELITE 8

Pittburgh  v. ODU        -> Pitt
                            v.         -> Pitt
Utah St.   v. Wisconsin  -> Wisconsin
                                          v.   -> Pitt
Gonzaga    v. BYU        -> BYU
                            v.         -> BYU
UCLA       v. Florida    -> Florida

Final Four:
Ohio State                               Kansas
v          -> Ohio State v Kansas  <-         v
Duke                                 Pittsburgh

Champion: KANSAS

Link to the PDF version: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26821/bracket.pdf

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