Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why the endtimes are near

Donte Stallworth. Here is one lucky guy. First he is faced with 15 years for manslaugter yet pays out enough of his money to the family of the victim to receive only 30 days in prison. That will hardly be prison time, he will be locked in a county facility with no hard time, and will probably be out a week early. All throughout the case, the DA and Stallworth's attorney praised Stallworth for his actions of responsibility and how he was man enough to call police and remain at the scene of the crime.

Congratulations for fufilling a responsibility of an American citizen. Thank goodness we have people like you.

America has become a nation that rewards responsibility. When I was a kid, I never got an paid to do what I was told around the house, it was the direct benefit of my actions that became my reward, alas cleaning my room gave me a ... clean room. Thus, citizens who take responsibility and do as they should do are rewarded with the simple fact that they did so. When you make a mistake, your responsibility as a moral person is to admit and face the consequences. The justice system of America, however, greatly rewarded a man who was not responsible when he made the decision to drive after drinking well over his fill, then struck and killed a pedestrian.

How many of you get rewarded for calling a cab? Is the government sending you a job-well-done check stating how responsible you were for not driving after a long night at the watering hole? No, you were rewarded by making it safely home, not getting a DUI, and not killing someone else.

Stallworth did the right thing after he did the wrong thing, but the right thing in this case was not an act of heroism. There are soldiers overseas serving our country, taking their responsibility to the point of heroism, yet there are still those who do not think to honor them, or even those who have fallen, Mr. Josh Howard, yet we allow a man who took the life of another through a far-from-manly decision and walk in and out of prison.

Responsibility should never be an option, which is why it is called responsibility. Responsible citizens should be recognized, but the great reward is the act in and of itself, and not the acclaimation one receives for such responsible acts.

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