Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just a quick mobile post ... Been hearing A LOT of Lakers fans on FSR today, including the hosts (mainly Farnham) talk about the Lakers lackluster performance this series and how he says the Lakers will win by 20 in game 7. However, if the Lakers weren't buckled down before this to beat an under-man'ed team in the Rockets, especially after them coming to LA and beating them in game 1, then its not going to magically come around in game 7. And people are talking nonstop about this series, mainly because FSR is LA based, but the fact that they (Lakers) have not shown up in the last two games in Houston doesn't spell success just because they are in LA. The facts are Houston has played every game, and unfortunately have been bested in three of them, but have also come out on top in three as well. The Lakers have come to play in three of the games they did win, especially the 40 point win in LA, but the Rockets are going to LA with the right mindset already, while the Lakers return hoping being at home will bring that about.

That won't cut it.

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