Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How does one retire from golf? Or at the age of 25?

Yesterday, story broke that women's golf legend Annika Sorenstam was retiring from golf, at the age of 38. One can understand the time put into playing and training for golf, because the weekend casual player isn't on the PGA or LPGA tour last I saw, but how does one actually never play on tour again before they turn 80? Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Lee Travino may not be kicking it with these young guns on tour, but they never formally retired from the game. So, does Sorenstam go play croquet or badminton if golf was too much for her to play?

And Justin Henin retires from tennis, as the number one player in the world, at the age of 25. Tomorrow, Eli Manning will call it a career. You heard it here first.

Annika will retire golf for her family time. So, does this mean we won't see her at the local country club on Saturday mornings? My guess, she is going into rec league bowling.

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